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Plant quality & variety

Reduce waste & repurpose

To assure variety and quality, our plants are hand-picked in modest quantities. They are sourced locally, just like the components of our custom soil blend. Each plant is potted with consideration, love, and purpose.

Our planters are hand-selected and upcycled, not bulk-purchased. Each is manually drilled, and the ideal plant is selected for its size, color, and texture, We pot based on the root system, so there is no need to repot for a year.

Minority-owned small business

We are an equal opportunity employer and a woman-owned business. We are willing to voice our support for equality and human rights because we believe in empowering others.

Every plant we design is unique, making each one you buy a special work of art. 

Nevertheless, we work on more than simply houseplants. Together with our community, we provide fantastic quality handmade things produced locally, some of which we design and make ourselves.

Community, art & design



We are here to make you happy, whether it is through interior plant styling, plant care, or just by offering you something new.



Do I receive the exact plant pictured?

Yes! Every single plant is unique and photographed individually so that you receive the exact plant pictured.

Can I pick up an order at a market or event?

Yes! Shipping and free porch pickup are both options we provide, but you can also pick up at one of our numerous events. Simply select the pick-up option and write the event's details in the checkout remarks.

Can I exchange or donate pots?

Absolutely! Exchanges of planters and contributions can be organized with the help of our team. Contact us through social media or email!

When do I need to repot my plant?

Our plants are potted based on the size of their root systems. Because of this, they are minimal care and do not require repotting for a year.

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